Le bûcher de Montségur por Zoé Oldenbourg

Le bûcher de Montségur por Zoé Oldenbourg
Titulo del libro : Le bûcher de Montségur
Fecha de lanzamiento : March 1, 1989
Autor : Zoé Oldenbourg
ISBN : 2070325075
Editor : Gallimard Education

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Zoé Oldenbourg con Le bûcher de Montségur

In 1208 Pope Innocent III called for a Crusade against a country of fellow-Christians. The new enemy was Raymond VI, Count of Toulouse, one of the greatest princes in Western Christendom, premier baron of all the territories in southern France where the langue d'oc was spoken. So began the Albigensian Crusade (named after the French town of Albi), which was to culminate in 1244 with the massacre of Cathars at the mountain fortress of Montsegur. This Crusade was the Catholic Church's response to the rapid growth of a rival Christian religion in the very heart of Christendom - the religion of the Cathars (or 'pure ones'). These heretics drew their strength from the consciousness of belonging to a faith that had never seen eye to eye with Catholicism and was more ancient than the Church itself. From the beginning this religious war was to show all the characteristics of a national resistance movement, so that in the end it was not just the survival of the Cathar faith that was at stake but also that of the Languedoc itself as an autonomous and independent region of France.