Triathlete Book (English Edition) por Malachi Jons

Triathlete Book (English Edition) por Malachi Jons
Titulo del libro : Triathlete Book (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : April 17, 2018
Autor : Malachi Jons

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Malachi Jons con Triathlete Book (English Edition)

W here have the last 12 months gone? It feels like just yesterday that we were all on the edge of
our seats, watching Patrick Lange outrun
the feld to come home in third, breaking
the run course record, while Daniela
Ryf outclassed the rest of the women’s
feld. Jan Frodeno and Daniela Ryf were
crowned Ironman World Champions
that day, for the second time in a row,
and over the last 365 days the question
on everyone’s lips has been: “Can Jan
and Daniela do a three-peat in 2017?”
Fast-forward 12 months and Kona 2017
certainly didn’t disappoint. It was an
eventful race week leading in and an
exciting race day with some phenomenal
world-class performances on display.
Head to page 8 for the race highlights.
Days out from the race we were gutted
to learn that Tim Don would not be
making the start line due to an accident
involving a motor vehicle during his last
training ride. It would have been fantastic
watching Tim mix it up with the best, but
we know he will be bigger and better on
his return and wish him a speedy (world
record-breaking) recovery. Patrick Lange
and Daniela Ryf took top spots on the
podium and were crowned 2017 Ironman
World Champions, Patrick outrunning the
feld again, this time breaking the course
record in 08:01:40, and Daniela doing a
three-peat in 08:50:47