Angler: Fishing book (English Edition) por Sermon Brian

Angler: Fishing book (English Edition) por Sermon Brian
Titulo del libro : Angler: Fishing book (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : January 1, 2019
Autor : Sermon Brian
Número de páginas : 407

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Sermon Brian con Angler: Fishing book (English Edition)

I’ve been hearing noises from usually
reliable sources that the commercial
allocation of our blue swimmer
crab fshery is likely to be increased
substantially yet again. If that does turn
out to the case, there are sure to be
plenty of rumblings from within the
recreational sector. After all, blue crabs
are among the most popular targets
with SA’s rank and fle anglers, and many
are already unhappy about the level of
professional involvement in the fshery.
For many years South Aussies were
allowed to catch 40 blue swimmers per
person per day, up to a maximum of 120
per boat. Regardless of how you look at
it, that was a lot of crabs – undoubtedly
too many when you consider how tight
the regulations are on other popular
species like whiting and snapper. The
recent reduction of 50 per cent brought
the maximum rec’ crab catch back to
20, which most consider now to be just
about right.